The Ultimate Galveston Challenge is coming!

Attention, please! The Ultimate Galveston Challenge is almost here! A never-seen-before edition of our family event in Galveston! We’re presenting a completely new format for this event, which will be held on July 10th. This time, we’re looking for the winners of past editions, to come and compete for a big prize! $1000 cash exclusively for the first place. Don’t miss this amazing chance to demonstrate your skills and teamwork with your family! Register at

Galveston Challenge has returned

We have successfully carried out two editions of our beach event, The Galveston Challenge. Fun for all ages. Hundreds of families have competed in different game stations to win more than $3000 in prizes. Our great media partners Furia Deportiva, it’s Island Time, DriveAway Autos and City of Galveston have sponsored these experiential marketing campaigns.  During the Galveston Beach Family Challenge, participants competed against other families at each of the 14 stations. Challengers had 3.5 hours to complete as many stations as possible. Each station could be completed a maximum of five times. Challenge stations were designed to be accessible to anyone over the age of 8!  Teams competed to win more than $3000 worth of prizes. You decide how much fun you and your team have! Live music, hydration, and lots of fun were part of these year’s events. Thanks to all the dozens of families who have participated so far. Stay tuned, many events are still on the way.

Televisa Univision makes a shoutout to our Sports Show!

Our efficient work has paid off, and this time our friends from Televisa Univisión gave us a very special mention on their website, and we are very grateful for that. We will continue to do wonderful things to impact our consumers. Run to see it!

ProChallenge – Driven by purpose! Take your body to the edge of performance!

Houston, TX (April 12, 2022) Q Advertising Group Inc. is proud to announce that it has relaunched a series of soccer camps enticing parents to bring their kids to a soccer field and enjoy a day with a professional player along with professional trainers. The first ProChallenge will take place on ThursdayApril 28, 2022, starting at 5:30pm. How much have youth in our world changed? Based on statistics and research, we have found that our youth have lost interest in playing outdoor sports and they would rather spend a lot more time playing video games or surfing YouTube channels. Our goal is to promote the importance of staying active, while playing the sport, you love. Q Advertising Group has created a soccer camp with over 10 obstacles for kids from 6-to 16 to have the opportunity to participate and fine-tune their soccer skills. Upon registration, each participant will receive a soccer kit sling bag that contains a water bottle, t-shirt, snacks, and other products from sponsors. The camp breaks down into groups of 12 by age, each group then rotates through all the stations. At each station, there is a professional trainer providing one-on- one feedback for each participant. At the end of the camp, an award ceremony will take place where each kid receives a certificate of participation, a medal, and an autographed picture of the professional player. To close the camp, the professional players will give a motivational speech encouraging our youth to stay active and to do great in school. Numerous representatives and sponsors are invited to each ProChallenge and will engage with parents while their kids are participating in the camp. Be part of this movement, be relevant in your community, this is a great opportunity to show what your brand purpose is, to amplify your message, amplify your brand with ProChallenge. Save the date: April 28th, 2022.Where: Bear Creek Park – Field #10 – 3535 War Memorial Houston TX. 77084Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm For more information visit our website: marketing opportunities or interview requests, contact Aldo Quiroz, President/Director of Operations Q Advertising at

Are you ready for 2022’s events?

Q Advertising’s events are almost here. The question is, are you ready? You already know them: Pro Challenge, Galveston Challenge, and some other ones… but what you don’t know, is that this year, they’re returning filled with even more fun, more surprises, and more prizes! Stay tuned to our official social media platforms and our website too to know more information about it! Dates, registrations, and more.

Galveston Challenge hit’s back on September!

Just as before, the Galveston Beach Family Challenge will showcase 14 unique game stations that allow family members and friends to compete one on one or as a team against other participating families. During the 3.5-hour period, challengers will have up to five opportunities to complete each station successfully. Each challenge station is designed so that anyone over the age of 8 can participate!  Don’t forget, we’re giving away more than $3000 dollars in prizes! Don’t miss out on all the fun this Sunday, September 5th. Need to check the rules or register your family? Go to the official website for more information! This experience is brought to you by Galveston Island and It’s Island Time. Q Advertising is a full-service Marketing Agency with more than 13 years of experience servicing both large and small businesses. Here’s a big thanks to all of our proud sponsors: DriveAway Autos, Galveston Island, Gatorade, Furia Deportiva, Pro Challenge, Moody Gardens, La Raza 101.7 FM and El Norte 107.9 FM.

Houston Labor Day Cup: the biggest and the most important soccer tournament in the Space City is arriving!

Houston, TX. 26th August 2021 This September 4th and 5th we’re heading to the biggest tournament in all of Houston since 1983, the Labor Day Soccer Cup. We are full of energy and great enthusiasm to be able to carry out the most important and magnificent soccer event. What is this tournament about? This tournament has been around for many years and participated in by many different parts of the world. Many great players come to challenge themselves in this sporting event. Teams travel from Central America, Mexico and the entire United States to Space City Houston. More than 150 teams will participate in this great sports competition seeking to be the champions of the great Labor Day Cup 2021 edition. This is a 100% family event in which the teams will compete in a highly relevant tournament in Houston. There they will test their soccer skills and physical resistance to raise their level against challenging rivals. Not only will this tournament be memorable, but it will also be carried out in a safe and regulated way. Everything will be handled by professionals with many years of experience in soccer tournaments. Event at Glance: Edition: Labor Day Soccer Cup Event Date: September 4th & 5th 2021. Total Teams: 150 teams + Divisions: 16 Youth Divisions Boys & Girls U6 – U19 Expected Attendance: 10,000+ Schedule: 9am kickoff and 7pm conclusion both days Venue: Bear Creek Park – 3535 War Memorial, Houston Tx. 77084 United States The participating categories will be: Gold (Academy / Highest Competitive Level – National Teams, Top State Teams, Division 1) Silver (Competitive Division 1 / Division 2) U6-U19 (19 youth) and a Men ‘s and Women’ s Open division. More than 5,000 dollars in prizes and wonderful medals for our champions. Register now and secure your place for the 2021 Labor Day Soccer Cup Tournament Info: (text/call) 832-564-7929 If you’re a brand, don’t miss out on this unique projection opportunity in front of more than 10,000 consumers present during this soccer tournament. Join the official sponsors! For more information sends us an email: or call us: (346) 762-5845 Or visit Q Advertising Group is a multicultural marketing agency with more than 14 years of experience in sporting events. Visit us Join us and celebrate Labor Day with the biggest and oldest soccer tournament in Houston Tx. “Our team of experts will create an Exclusive Engagement strategy for you”

Get Ready! Pro Challenge returns this Thursday!

Are you ready to level up your soccer skills in many unique training stations? Are you ready to have a tremendous amount of fun while training to be the best of the best? Are you ready for The Pro Challenge? On August 26th, kids from all ages will gather to take their bodies to the edge of performance, aspiring to one day be world class professionals. It doesn’t matter if you’re already in a club or team. This event is perfect for you, providing training that no one has equipped you with before! Trained coaches will guide you through each station targeting different skill sets. Enjoy free hydration to all players brought to you by Gatorade. Don’t miss your chance to participate! More info at Thank you to all of our sponsors that make this event possible: Drive Away Autos, Furia Deportiva, Gatorade, Mega Insurance, Maytena Bakery, Ostionería Michoacán, It’s Island time, Latin America Beauty School, Latino Hair Salon, Estrella Media, El Norte 107. 9 FM, La Raza 101.7 FM, ApriEsport, and Fonda Santa Rosa.

Live Streaming Marketing: All you need to know

Brands today are using an increasingly strong and ever-growing live video marketing strategy to expand their visibility and surpass their competition. According to recent studies, 80% of brands use video marketing today. The content that is transmitted through this marketing strategy reaches newer and older generations of users in a quick and efficient manner. Current social media platforms along with new ways of transmitting messages have assisted companies to better produce and take advantage of their digital resources. Live video is the simplest and most direct way of transmitting a message today to a media audience, hence the importance of a good strategy in this area. Benefits of live video marketing One of the most important aspects of video marketing is that it allows you to connect with your target audience instantly and in a real way, promoting the engagement of your brand. The use of this strategy brings many benefits to your business in social networks. Among them, you can find factors such as reach and visibility as well as other benefits including: ●       3 more retweets and responses for tweets and social media posts that have videos than those that don’t. ●       Some studies claiming that 65% of people who see a video on social media about a product or service ending up purchasing it. ●       More than 88% of people saying that watching a video of a product positively affects their decision to buy a product or purchase a service. Live video marketing: a trend in 2021 Most of the studies that talk about video marketing come to the conclusion that it will continue to grow throughout 2021. According to The State of Online Video 2018, in 2018, 6.25 hours of videos were consumed in the world per week per person – an hour more on average than the previous year. This data speaks for itself and indicates that in a single year, on average, one hour of content is increased by people on social networks. Other trends in video marketing in the world include the following: ●       53% of people want to know more or receive more videos from the people or brands they follow on social networks. ●       88% of the people who use the Internet in the United States, in other words hundreds of millions of people, have watched video content on the networks of their mobile devices. ●       87% of the people who are part of the marketing teams of companies use this tool in their strategies. ●       80% of people are happy with the results of their videos in terms of ROI on social media. ●       Users spend more time on web pages with video content than on web sites where there is none. ●       95% of people are more receptive to using a call to action when watching a video than using a still image. Video marketing platforms to consider Within the live video marketing sector there are some platforms that are very well positioned with respect to the rest and the competition. Twitch, Instagram and Tik Tok are among the platforms that take the forefront among the most used today. 1. Twitch This social network is mainly based on video games and has been in the trends for all of this last year. Although most of it deals with content related to gamers, it has also been used for other purposes such as fashion, sports or music. In real numbers, the Twitch platform took 66% of the total streaming industry market in 2020. This being the compelling reason many companies have been interested in this platform to upload their content. Twitch has turned out to be an ideal place for those who want to monetize their content in some way and take advantage of the social network. According to studies by Amazon’s own platform, 70% of users offer a form of monetary support to their favorite streamers or influencers. The target audience on this platform is a very young one, ranging from approximately 10 to 26 years of age. These individuals are looking for entertainment, making this social network a place where specific, fresh and dynamic strategies must be taken into account to attract the attention of this young audience. Something to keep in mind about Twitch is that the platform’s algorithm does not greatly favor new streamers or new channels, so working with established influencers is the best option. Streamers: Twitch Heroes Famous streamers are the heroes or influencers of Twitch; therefore, working with them is the best decision for generating immense results in terms of marketing. Brands take advantage of the visibility and reach that certain streamers have in order to reach a greater audience and ultimately boost their sales. Companies play with the different abilities of streamers and promotions that are applied such as discounts on food, depending on how well a streamer transits in a video game. 2. Tik Tok The company of Chinese origin, Tik Tok, has suffered some setbacks in countries like the United States, but as for the rest of the world, has had exponential growth in becoming one of the favorites of people on social networks. This platform offers the possibility of recording short videos with many viewing and customization options. Unlike Twitch, Tik Tok offers greater reach to different brands and encourages the discovery of new products or services in a section reffered to as the “For you” page. The Chinese application does not have alerts for live marketing videos, so much of its content could go unnoticed if it is not a channel that is followed regularly. To publish content on this platform, you must have content based on entertainment. Having an unconventional approach to products to be promoted is vital. The audience will be able to get to know and get closer to the products or services that the streamer is

Trends- What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing offers many benefits. One of the main ones is that it has a better optimization of the different marketing campaigns. One of the aspects in which it stands out compared to other strategies is in the measurement of results. A better measurement of results obtained can provide a more accurate picture of how a marketing strategy is maintained or how it works. You can focus on the most successful strategies first when you understand which ones are working. In turn, this results in an increase in investment or improvement, since all efforts will be directed towards areas with the best results. One of the most interesting aspects of performance marketing is that it allows you to measure the ROI (return on investment) of the actions carried out. With the use of famous cookies and pixels, it’s possible to know what each user does within a website. This is in contrast to traditional meters such as CPM (cost per thousand) that shows only how many times it has been shown, but not the number of people who have seen it. This marketing strategy is perfect for small businesses, because it reduces the costs in the investment made, which translates into a constant improvement in income and use of resources. It also allows you to know in advance the results that will be obtained from an advertising campaign with a certain budget. Performance marketing is clearly the evolution of traditional marketing. Do you need help running your campaigns? We know the best strategy! Get in touch with us.  Q AD Group has more than 14 years in the marketing industry, working with brands of all types.