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The 5 digital services that every company needs or should have in 2021

It’s well known that today the vast majority of companies (if not all) need to sell online. Those that already do so are divided into 2: businesses that have their own team that manages the digital stuff, and those that hire an agency that performs all these services. The question here is, are you performing or receiving the services you really need?

Before we tell you what we think are the most essential, first ask yourself if you are getting the best results from the actions you are currently taking. If you firmly believe that the effort made is proportional to the result obtained, then most likely you are doing things right. Other way, if you think that something needs to be improved, that the results are very scarce or deficient, then you should pay close attention to the following services that we are about to tell you. Either you should start to implement them, or improve them.

This year the Alphabet company has grown a lot, and it was thanks to the fact that its customers increased the use of its ad platform significantly. Positioning well on the internet, fighting for the first places in the keywords that your clients use when conducting a search, and appearing to thousands of people before playing their videos, has become a key activity for success when selling online, positioning a brand, running a campaign, etc.

Social media ads have long been a trend. Small and large companies use them. But we want to invite you to do this in a disruptive and different way if you want to obtain better results than your competition. We are talking about creating ads that don't feel like traditional advertising, which used to be invasive, irrelevant, and annoying. For this, we must understand what format each social network asks for and adapt to it. Also using the trends to help you create better ads is a nice way to do awesome things. An example of this is the famous “meme marketing”. A way to advertise using trendy memes that when they are showed to people, they do not directly recognize that it’s an ad. Why don’t you try it? Maybe your campaign goes viral ...

This one looks a bit like the one mentioned above, but, in here, someone does the creative work for you. It’s not about looking for someone with followers and ask that person to share one of your posts on their profile in exchange for something (be it an exchange for product or service, or a direct payment). That's the easy way and the one that doesn't work. It’s about finding someone who has a community with which they have the possibility of feeling identified with our product or service. The greater the influencer-brand-audience connection is, the more authentic our message will be, achieving the best impact with better results.

You must be where your audience is, right? When it comes to advertising, we don’t want everyone to see us. Instead, we desire a certain type of people to watch us: our potential clients. To do this, look at which places, platforms, or events they are in, in order to be present and create an impact on their subconscious, so that we are always on their minds when it comes to our customers' purchasing decisions.

In addition to having an internet site (which we hope that you who are reading us already have one), you need tools that adapt to the type of business. For example, if you sell on your website, it’s necessary to have an entire ecommerce structure together with some apps that help the customer with their online purchase process. If you have a heavy site with many files, you must have a good optimized server so that it doesn’t go too slow. Or if it's just a single and informational website, it takes really good coppywritting to say more with less text. The point is, adjust your needs.

Well, what did you think about it? Hopefully these recommendations are useful for your online business. Oh, and by the way, if you need help, we can do all of this and more! Get in touch with us! We are the best multicultural marketing agency in Texas. More than 13 years of experience support us.

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