We are the Multicultural Local Marketing Agency Experts!

We have a 13-year history of excellence as a Multicultural Marketing Agency reaching the niche Hispanic Market. We are committed to helping agencies and clients authentically reach multicultural consumers through research, planning, experiential marketing, creative strategies, events, and media.

Q AD Group Inc. 

Is a Full Service Marketing  Agency.
Located in Houston, Tx
Over 13 years in business


Offers a lean marketing framework that elevates consumers and builds a mutual, fundamental mission with our clients.


Courage is needed to change perspectives and drive transformation forward. At QAD Group Inc. We shape the future and develop innovations together.
Q AD Group Inc. is a Full Service Marketing Agency who offers services and turn key opportunities in areas of media planning & buying, digital marketing, social media campaigns, experiential marketing, event planning, marketing plans, promotional strategies, endorsements, branding , advertising, activations, printing, graphicc desgin, web & app design, SEO, sporting and musical events. Q AD Group Inc. is a one-stop solution for our clients and partners.


Our marketing team works closely with you in creating magnificent ideas and developing a meaningful message. We create a unique plan based on your business model, target audience, demographics and needs. We craft the strategy utilizing every one of our resources to help you stay ahead with your business.

We embraced the importance of marketing and advertising in the world.  We took a deep dive in analyzing consumers while listening to their wants and needs.  Our marketing campaigns are designed to convert consumers from window shopping to becoming your loyal customers.

Hearing and touching hearts and minds of consumers are the key to our success in marketing and advertising. This is how we craft different marketing and advertising strategies that make every one of our clients successful.

Q AD Group Inc. is family owned and operated we are a true Texan company. We worked  all of our lives looking for new ways to reach multicultural markets delivering great results to clients as well as many job opportunities for our community. 

Q AD Group Inc. has built amazing partnerships and loyal clients nationally and internationally base on our core values believing in the importance of transparency, trust and loyalty.

In addition our brands Furia Deportiva ® Pro Challenge ®  offer the ability for brands to enhance a unique connection with consumers. 

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This Is Us

“The success of our company relies on the success of our clients”.

Founder Miguel Quiroz
2007 – Dallas, Texas.

Q AD Group Inc. was a pioneer in grass – roots marketing and that is how our journey began.  

Q AD Group Inc. Team took a joint vision and built a legacy.  We started by setting up tents and delivering flyers in 105 degree temperatures to large crowds of people in the City of Dallas Texas. With 13 years in the market, from soccer tournaments, to becoming the arm of the Chevy Soccer Youth program by executing soccer clinics across the Nation, to the first Houston’s Espn Soccer cup, to the invention of Pro Challenge ® high technology soccer clinic, to become experts on experiential marketing building platforms for many different Local, National and International clients. 

Throughout our 13 years, our journey has brought many experiences that today are magnified with amazing results for our partners and clients.  Our vast experience has led us to understand multiple aspects of the consumer’s behavior from what captures their attention to what influences their decisions. 

Our creative talents in combination with our passion, determination, inspiration are all aimed for the single purpose of

Getting You Results In Your Business


Works with you as your full service marketing agency to find
and attract consumers and increase your sales.

Marketing and Business strategies need to consider multicultural consumers today. Together, multicultural consumers have an impressive spending power of $3.2 trillion. Don’t miss the boat reaching these consumers! To do so it requires culturally nuanced and authentic engagement.

If you are a businesses looking to connect with these consumer segments you certainly are at the right place. We use our essential tools: data and insights to ensure your success with your marketing and advertising plans.

Multicultural consumers spending power.

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Our team is full of passion! We are skilled in all aspects of Marketing and Advertising. We are adaptable, independent and committed to provide GREAT service and most importantly great results to our partners and clients.