The City of Galveston Kicked Off the Summer with the Galveston Family Challenge Hosted by Q Advertising Group, Inc.

Challenge stations, live music, $3000+ in prizes and so much fun!

As our communities are opening up and families are venturing out for the summer, Q Advertising hosted the third Galveston Family Challenge on Sunday June 13, 2021 at Stewart Beach, Galveston, Texas. The challenge is an experiential marketing initiative sponsored by the City of Galveston, It’s Island Time, DriveAway Autos, Gatorade and our great media partners Estrella Media, Furia Deportiva. The sand on the beach, fresh air, and the waves were a perfect setting for over 55 families to unleash their inner heroes! 

The Galveston Beach Family Challenge consisted of 14 Stations that allowed family members and friends to compete one on one or as a team against other participating families. The challengers had up to 5 chances to successfully complete each station and accomplish as many stations as they could in the 3.5 hour period. Each challenge station was designed so that anyone over the age of 8 could participate in the fun!  Over $3000 worth of prizes motivated teams to compete and push themselves to be the top group of heroes. The level of fun you and your team experience depends on you!

For this year’s challenges, we incorporated a live music band to entertain and stimulate our participating families. Feedback received from the participants showed that they were eager to get out on the course and enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Summer is officially here and we don’t want you to miss out on all of the fun! Reserve your family a spot in our upcoming events with completely free registration! 

Q Advertising has over 13 years of experience and is more than prepared to take your brand to the next level with a strong calendar of events scheduled for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021.  We are a full-service Marketing Agency with extensive experience servicing both large and small businesses. Our experience comes from numerous marketing campaigns across a wide range of industries. After conducting over 277 experiential marketing campaigns we have developed a broader perspective of what works and what is needed for our diverse cliental to reach the right consumer.  Utilizing this experience allows us to offer our clients the most valuable and effective service for their business.

Now is the time for brands to take advantage of this opportunity and reconnect their brands with the public. 

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Thank you to all our loyal sponsors, partners and participants! 

June 15, 2021


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