Measure your skills, find your strengths and identify areas for improvement through our unique sports challenge testing stations. With The ProChallenge, you will improve yourself by taking your body to the edge of performance. 

Why you should join in?

What is not measured cannot be improved. At The ProChallenge we want to take you to a new sporting level, in a smart and specialized way, like no one has ever done.

Who are the ideal candidates for ProChallenge?

Athletes of all kinds: from the youngest who are starting, to those who already train in a more advanced state. The goal is to boost them no matter what level they are at.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, where you will not only be able to explore new skills and challenges, but also be participating to take home incredible prizes! See you on April 28 6 PM sharp.

Join now as an official sponsor of The ProChallenge and start seeing incredible results for your business!


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