Keywords are very important for your website. They have been used for many years on the internet since web browsers appeared. Currently, there are multiple ways to analyze keywords for your company. You can do research through google, checking your website insights, but the most common way is studying your competition. 

A very common method for the analysis of keywords of your competition is to analyze their SEO strategy. This method sounds obvious enough, but many companies (large and small) tend to forget this crucial step, bringing with it a series of very detrimental consequences for their organic growth on the internet.

Each SEO strategy is adjusted depending on the needs of the economic sector of your business. It’s not the same to analyze the strategy of a cryptocurrency exchange than that of an online shoe store. This is why it is important for your company to identify the competition within your market.

We introduce you to different tools that help you analyze your competitor’s keywords. These tools also will help your business to have a clearer idea about its organic positioning.

Remember that not all the tips shown here work for everybody, read carefully and see what is best for your company!1.SEMrush

SEMrush is the most popular of this list. It’s a company dedicated to keyword analysis within any sector. This is a great option for many people who want to know how to analyze the keywords of their market rivals. 

This is possible thanks to its data analysis machine that extracts and analyzes information from keywords in search engines such as Google or Bing. It also reviews the best companies positioned within Google to give you the information you need.

2. Ubersuggest

This a free tool from the famous digital marketer Neil Patel. Ubersuggest is another digital app that your company can use to analyze your competitor’s keywords. This SEO tool will tell you in the easiest way to analyze the keywords of the competition efficiently.

From its easy-to-understand instructions to highly creative designs, the truth is that Ubersuggest is a very useful tool to optimize online positioning. Also, it offers you enormous facilities to create your SEO content strategy in a precise and exact way. This is because it analyzes the potential traffic of the keywords, both from your company and from the competition.

Ubersuggest currently has a free plugin for those who want to try the tool. It filters the potential keywords for your business depending on the country or region. It’s worth mentioning that this plugin takes into consideration the keywords of your competition when analyzing it


At the moment this is a company that offers services in various SEO aspects that can greatly help your business from technical SEO analysis to your competitor’s word analysis and more.  RavenTools is an excellent alternative SEO tool for your business to take advantage of.

This is because their process on how to analyze the keywords of the competition is quite concise, so many users have been taking advantage of this tool for their companies.

From very detailed reports to performance reports, in this option you will find everything your company needs to improve its SEO. It also has a didactic guide for those who have a first contact with the tool. It is worth mentioning that RavenTools is currently one of the mechanisms most used in the english and USA market. If your company wants to stand out in an English-speaking market, RavenTools is the perfect option.


Ahrefs is a very famous SEO analysis tool on the Internet. This is primarily due to its powerful machine learning that gives your company a competitive advantage. 

Ahrefs has tools to scan the Google indexing of your competitor’s websites and comparison tables, among many other things. This app is undoubtedly an option that you should consider having in your SEO and digital marketing strategy.

In the same way, Ahrefs allows users to identify the keywords that could benefit them. It is often used as a starting point for clients and is highly efficient.

This web tool will help your marketing team gain insight into generic web traffic, movements on the Internet, and consultations on web pages. It will enable them to position your brand effectively.

Well, what did you think of our recommendations? Are you prepared to boost your SEO strategy? Remember that you can leave it to experts like us.  We are pleased to do the hard work for you and deliver unbelievable results!

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