We have successfully carried out two editions of our beach event, The Galveston Challenge. Fun for all ages. Hundreds of families have competed in different game stations to win more than $3000 in prizes. Our great media partners Furia Deportiva, it’s Island Time, DriveAway Autos and City of Galveston have sponsored these experiential marketing campaigns. 

During the Galveston Beach Family Challenge, participants competed against other families at each of the 14 stations. Challengers had 3.5 hours to complete as many stations as possible. Each station could be completed a maximum of five times. Challenge stations were designed to be accessible to anyone over the age of 8!  Teams competed to win more than $3000 worth of prizes. You decide how much fun you and your team have!

Live music, hydration, and lots of fun were part of these year’s events. Thanks to all the dozens of families who have participated so far.

Stay tuned, many events are still on the way.

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