What is The Galveston Challenge?

The most amusing family challenge of Stewart Beach is here! Join for free and conquer the challenges of The Galveston Challenge with your family to win incredible prizes!

Overcome the different challenge stations based on large-scale board games, balloon volleyball, limbo, and much more.

Why should you participate?

Family comes first. For that reason, we have created this event, so that you can reinforce values ​​such as unity, teamwork, and spend many moments filled with unforgettable laughs and fun. The challenge is designed so that family teams of at least 4 compete to take home amazing prizes.

And for brands:

This is the ideal way to reach your target audience through a recreational activity, full of emotions and dynamism: sport.

Get more customers to know about you, what you do, what you offer, etc.

Join now as an official sponsor of Galveston Challenge and start seeing incredible results for your business!

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