Galveston Challenge hit’s back on September!

Just as before, the Galveston Beach Family Challenge will showcase 14 unique game stations that allow family members and friends to compete one on one or as a team against other participating families. During the 3.5-hour period, challengers will have up to five opportunities to complete each station successfully. Each challenge station is designed so that anyone over the age of 8 can participate!  Don’t forget, we’re giving away more than $3000 dollars in prizes! Don’t miss out on all the fun this Sunday, September 5th. Need to check the rules or register your family? Go to the official website for more information! This experience is brought to you by Galveston Island and It’s Island Time. Q Advertising is a full-service Marketing Agency with more than 13 years of experience servicing both large and small businesses. Here’s a big thanks to all of our proud sponsors: DriveAway Autos, Galveston Island, Gatorade, Furia Deportiva, Pro Challenge, Moody Gardens, La Raza 101.7 FM and El Norte 107.9 FM.